We Mentor Businesses on how to Manufacture MORE PROFIT than they make today !!!


  • If within the first 30 days of the program, you feel like our service is not worth the investment and won't help you manufacture more NET PROFIT in your business.  We will obviously try to figure out why and rectify it moving forward.  However, if you don't feel it's worth it, we will stop and give you a full refund of the first months investment. 
    • Excludes individual workshops due to travel expenses incurred.

Greg Forzani

International Business & Executive Mentor | Profit Manufacturer l Professional Speaker 

1. You should make what you would pay someone to replace you.

2. In addition to that you should make a Net Profit.  We suggest a healthy business makes 10%

*if you aren't making #2, then you just own a stressful job!

I look forward to speaking with you about how we will make this happen for you...


Dennis Taekema

I will coach you through Completely Transforming your Business in 110 days !

Is your life where you thought it would be?  

Is the business you built giving you everything you thought it would? 

Are you ready to have your business give you back everything you have given to it?


Joe Forzani

A Chief Perspective Officer...Specializing in Guest Speaking, Seminars & Workshops.

"After 25 years in the retail business, I've found that people running companies have to be continually working on their business, developing new strategies and implementing new systems on a consistent basis and of course focused on making a Net Profit."