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Grant Basiuk

My second full time job came as a result as of coaching one of my clients in my first full time job. They were “standing too close to the mirror” and needed some objective input on a project. My insight helped propel them over a hurdle and landed me a role in that start-up company as a team member and trusted adviser to the president. Ultimately, we failed but we learned.

Since then I have acted as a coach in many different ways and organizations. I lead a group of distribution partners to build their businesses to produce the best regional results. I have coached entrepreneurs developing new products and new companies in the wild and crazy technology sector helping them to navigate market challenges. I have helped to guide clients in the pursuit of varied business objectives in industries ranging from retail sales to radio. And, I have helped five year olds learn to skate and shoot a puck on the community outdoor rink.

I love to solve problems and to help others achieve their goals. I believe that every ethical business owner deserves to be successful and lead a balanced life. I enjoy finding better ways to do things and want to make a positive impact on those with whom I interact on a daily basis. And I love to laugh and make the day a little brighter for others.

My passions include my bike, my skis, my music collection, my community but most of all my family.