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First and foremost, to help you manufacture more Net Profit in your business.

"I Believe every person has the right to EARN the life they want to live."

"I also Believe your Business/Job is a tool to help you ACHIEVE that life you want to live."

"Therefore I Believe your business needs to be PREDICTABLY PROFITABLE and SCALABLE (why is explained below)."

"Having this kind of business will ensure you have both the Time and Resources to Live the Life you want.  Otherwise a Business Owner just owns a Stressful Job!

1. You should make what you would pay someone to replace you.

2. In addition to that you should make a Net Profit.  We suggest a healthy business makes 10%

*if you aren't making #2, then you just own a stressful job!

I look forward to speaking with you about how we will make this happen for you...


I use the Forzani Business Solutions Program. 
This program is developed from the Extensive Business & Life Experiences (Successes & Failures) of Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.
"A Business Advisory program that Ensures Success."

Advising clients to 
Build a Predictably Profitable Business:

  • Through Manufacturing more Net Profit than they make today.
  • I do this through simultaneously...
    • Increasing Revenue $
    • Decreasing COGS %
    • Decreasing Operating Expense %
    • Therefore Increasing Net Profit % for a healthier, more valuable Business (Asset)
    • While also Increasing Net Profit $ along the way
  • A Predictably Profitable Business is designed to be resilient to:
    • Weather
    • Industry changes
    • Economic changes 

Advising clients to Build a Scalable Business:  Why?

  • A Scalable Business isn't reliant on any particular individual
  • This allows the business to succeed when a new person takes over the role
    • That person still needs to be trained to be good at what they do
  • A Scalable business allows a new ownership or management team to succeed when they take over
    • Therefore making your Business (Asset) worth more 
    • A Scalable business is more likely to sell because the buyer is more likely to succeed

What makes me Unique?

  • I'm an expert in how to Manufacture More Net Profit
  • I'm a Game Changer & a Visionary. 
  • I'm an expert in creating a Clear and Simple path to Success "Making the complicated Simple". 
  • Therefore making your Dreams a Reality. 

Why do I Advise Business Owners?

  • I love Business
  • I love a Challenge
  • I love to help others SUCCEED in BUSINESS & LIFE



  • An accomplished business and executive advisor.
  • 2010 Rookie coach of the year North America.
  • 2011 Firm coach of the year North America.
  • 2011 Alberta coach of the year.
  • An entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in business, working from the ground up. Extensive experience in negotiating, product purchasing, inventory management, building relationships, vendor contracts, opening new locations and operations. Experience working      through multiple new software integrations, building business plans, product sourcing, developing new concepts, finance, IT, new branding, HR and many more aspects of the business.
  • Partner of a footwear & clothing retail chain with $15M in annual sales. Managed over 200 employees.
  • Buyer for The Forzani Group Ltd. for 9 years.  Responsible for up to $60M worth of product a year.
  • At 21 purchased a retail franchise store and increased sales over 65% in 1 year.

I have Extensive Experience in:

  • Business Advising/Coaching
  • Executive Advising/Coaching
  • Business Planning
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Sales Training
  • Time/Activity Management
  • Developing Business
  • Inventory Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Building a Marketing Plan
  • Building/Understanding Financials
  • Opening retail locations
  • Hiring Processes
  • & Most of all...MAKING IT HAPPEN!
  • That's right...GETTING RESULTS!


FREE session


"For years I took it upon myself to piecemeal the various strategies I believed would help my health care practice grow and flourish in a competitive market.  I read books, signed up for email newsletters on marketing, and felt I was doing what was needed to be a ‘guru’ clinic director.  To realize I was going down the wrong path took a 5 minute meeting with a Forzani Business Solutions advisor.  I realized I was continually trying to re-invent the wheel and really had no concept of what it took to excel in a competitive marketplace.  I had no game plan.   

To say the financial decision to work with Forzani Business Solutions advisor was the best decision of my career is an understatement
.  I feel he and I hit it off from the start.  Since then I have created a true and clear vision and a distinct path to reach it.  I have defined the culture of my centre and completely changed the core structure of my business.  My mentor has been instrumental in not only providing the ideas and constructs for these changes but has provided me with an essential guidance to make the right decisions.  It sounds a little flowery?  Well, maybe.  But, I have really gained a whole new world of knowledge and insight working with my advisor.  And the proofs in the pudding – in just 2 years my centre has grown more than I could have ever imagined." 

Gregory P. Uchacz DC, FRCCSS(C), CSCS, FICC - Clinic Director/Owner    
ProActive Health Group

Calgary, Canada

"In world of social media, sound bites and jargon...Greg delivers clarity.  He never fails to provide advice which is focused and, most important actionable.  As a practical person, I appreciate guidance which is measurable and gets me to my goals in the fewest steps possible."

Travis Chapman - Entrepreneur / Business Owner

"As a small business owner, we were so busy focusing on the work in front of us that we knew important tasks were being missed.  We knew there was more to building a business than being good at our craft, however were at a loss when we looked at defining a strategy.

Six months into our collaboration with Forzani Business Solutions, we are more profitable and have a clear vision of the road ahead.  They have worked with us to understand our company, what makes us unique and why we do what we do.  They took that information and are walking with us through a process of systemizing our work and understanding, and improving, our numbers.  We are re-connected to the dreams that inspired us to start our company and confident in our ability to build a profitable business that works without us.
And we mean it."
Thank You,

Christy & Jesse Switzer– Owner’s
I Know A Guy Renovations

Calgary, Canada