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Laura Bechard

I believe business owners want to reap the benefits of a successful business to live and enjoy the life they want to live.  I don’t believe people go into business to  “buy themselves a job”, work all the time, or lose their personal life and health.

 I use the Forzani Business Coaching program developed from the business and life experiences of people just like you and me:  business owners.  Our programs include 1-1 coaching or group coaching through academies & workshops.   I give business owners simple business concepts, tools and strategies to implement and make routine in their business.  One at a time, new impactful activities implemented in any business will lead to improved results: increased profits, decreased time or reduced stress.   I help business owners identify the key measures to track in their business as we work together to 1) build a predictably profitable business that 2) is successful without them.

My husband and I have 4 adult children, have travelled extensively around North America and the globe, own and operate the family farm and developed rewarding professional careers along the way.  We earned the life we want to live.  You can too.

My Experience:

·      30 years experience as a producer in agriculture – commodity inventory management, capital financing, cash flow management, succession planning, family business, building and understanding financials

·      15 years experience in rental property management

·      Certified Forzani Business Coach, Certified General Accountant, MBA

·      30 years experience in training and development, teaching, workshop facilitation, mentoring and coaching, ROI measurement, metrics and scorecards

·      Experience leading and supporting change – systems implementation, adoption of systems, processes, routines and compliance

·      Expertise in time / attention management

My passion is to support business owners in achieving their vision for life and using their business as a way to realize that vision.  If you want to get THERE, let’s get started today! 

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"Laura cares deeply for the people she works with and understands the importance of relationships . She is a leader of change and her insatiable thirst for knowledge is exemplified through her creative solutions to problems – problems the client might not even know they have yet. I would highly recommend Laura, as she brings with her, extensive experience and leaves behind a team that is more aware of the real issues, the root causes and the path that leads to a long term solutions."

Shannon King, Suncor Energy

"Laura demonstrates a mastery-level ability with facilitation. Her facilitation style is inclusive, supportive and engaging. She frequently received high praise from participants on how much they enjoyed attending one of her workshops or events."

Karen Fiege, Bow Valley College

"I would highly recommend Laura as an experienced consultant for any organization who is looking at maximizing results through impactful interventions."

Aida Rodriguez, Suncor Energy

"Laura would help you to achieve your goal with 120% enthusiasm, motivation, and high spirit. If you haven't realized how things could improve, go to Laura and she will explore all possible options for you. She is excellent showing the new trends, sharing information, organizing workshops and webinar, etc."

You won't go wrong if you go to Laura. I highly recommend her quality of work and work ethics.

Jianping Cui, Bow Valley College

"Laura has insightfully coached me on some of my career development.  She has guided me through my perceptions of my abilities along with some very timely and memorable pieces of advice - advice that has helped me tremendously in the transition to a new role."

Frank Merryweather, CSTD Calgary, Chair

"Her experience as a mentor is something she consistently and ably shares with others. On numerous occasions I have worked through difficulties that arise in my career with Laura's patient and thoughtful assistance."

Trevor McIvor, Bow Valley College