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Vince Fowler

Purpose. Plan. Results.

Vince’s mission: “to make a positive and measurable difference in the businesses and lives of others ~ period!”

Please note: when Vince has a mission, Vince delivers.      

Maybe his focus and clarity in delivering is a result of his military training. Vince was a paratrooper with the Canadian Armed Forces for seven years, including operational experience in war-torn Somalia, where a calm head and focused decisions prevailed.

Possibly his interest in others’ success comes from his 20 years of leadership on and off the field in competitive sports. Vince has won rugby championships as both a player and coach, and as head athletic trainer at the Edge School for Athletes he used that experience to push his athletes to their own limits, showing them how a bit more energy and focused effort could achieve amazing results.

Or maybe Vince knows how to deliver because he knows what a business might need to improve. His 15 years of experience and success in B2B sales honed his leadership skills and taught him how to plan, follow through, focus and listen. Know your numbers, make decisions and execute!

Each of these experiences would alone make a fabulous leader and coach, but it’s the combination of military discipline, business insight and coaching success that makes Vince a triple-threat. It also makes him the guy you want in your corner when looking to maximize your business potential: in Leadership, corporate culture, sales, marketing, business networking, team building, finance, customer service and/or business development.

It may seem contradictory to point out that someone so committed to improving the lives around him believes family comes first – but that’s why he’s passionate as a business coach. This proud husband and dedicated father of two believes a business should enable its owners to live their lives on their terms, and not limit them to living their business.

Certified by Forzani Business Coaching, Vince is the  founder of The Measurable Difference education & seminar series, a past Assistant Director of BNI Alberta South and a co-founder and recent vice-president of the BNI Sequoia chapter. Each year Vince speaks at a number of Calgary schools about the true meaning of Remembrance Day and what it means to live, love and be free.

Family first, Vince and his wife became parent ambassadors for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation after they experienced first-hand the importance of quality health care when their son almost died of a heart condition at eight days old.

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“When you meet or have any business dealings with Vince Fowler, he will be one that you will not forget. I have attended seminars Vince has held and he is a very excellent, humorous and engaging speaker. Vince is always helping friends and clients and takes networking to a whole new level. Vince is one person you want to know or do business with.”

Rick Kirkland - Owner
Protech Plumbing & Gasfitting