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Reward Should Equal the Risk

Passion, desire and persistence alone will not make you successful. 30% of small businesses won’t survive longer than two years, and only half make it to five years. Of those who manage to survive only a few actually thrive. Simply surviving should not be the end game - success is so much more rewarding and fun.

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” Japanese Proverb

As a long time business coach and accountant I have had the privilege of working with many bold entrepreneurs.  The ones who succeeded were the ones who realized they didn’t know everything. They sought out experts; sought help.

If you follow our program, implement the tools consistently and do the work you will succeed!

Success is simple but not easy.

Ready for success? Let the journey begin. 

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"I know Wanda Murch for more than 10 years, as president of Murch Group and CFO of Riddell Kurczaba. Dealing with a lot of issues, she always came through with flying colours. She is very smart and professional whatever the issues entail. It is a pleasure for me to recommend Wanda."

September 29, 2009, Beat worked directly with Wanda at Murch Group Inc.

Beat Schmassmann

Owner, A Splendid Affair & Affinity Catering