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Wes Kennedy

Vision. Focus. Results.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Let me help you love what you do again.”

At kinetic Results I help Businesses deliver results to their customers.  I help them find ways to minimize workload and maximize time on high value tasks, as well as develop minimal effort marketing plans. I will also coach you on how to ensure your customers will be raving to their friends about your service on their way out the door. 

I bring with me my dedication, organization and communication skills from my military background as a Special Forces Operator, as well as my hard earned business acumen, social media expertise, internet marketing experience and deep understanding of community building from my own businesses to deliver to you the highest quality business coaching.

I work with many ex-military members who appreciate my direct approach, resourcefulness and clarity. I have much experience with fitness industry experts who appreciate our dedication and no-nonsense approach as well as our massive success in the athletic performance coaching industry.

The 6 core values of Kinetic Results are Honesty, Timeliness, Resourceful, Abundance, Respect, and Measurable.  My ideal client is someone who is Coachable and ready to learn. Someone who has Time and is ready to invest energy working on their business rather than in it. Someone who has Understanding that there is no easy money, but there is a clear road map to get them there if they choose to follow it. Lastly, my ideal client is someone who understands Value. If you wake up each and every day seeking to bring value to your customer as your #1 goal and simply want to make money as a by-product, I can help you do that, and do it in a very big way!

If you think you're ready to live life on your terms and want to use your business to get you there, contact me at info@kineticresultsgroup.com to move your business forward.

I look forward to listening and learning about you…

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    "Wes Kennedy is one of the sharpest minds in the health and fitness industry, period. His knowledge, experience and game changing ideas have shaped my brand and business over the course of the last six months allowing us to grow exponentially and continue to provide the very best products and experiences for our clients and patients. If you want to be one step ahead, and build a foundation for your business that will not only stand the test of time, but flourish and grow into something truly remarkable, Wes is your guy. I am proud to call him our business coach, and what he has done with my company in just a few months speaks volumes."

Dr. John Rusin 
Owner at Dr. John Rusin Physical Therapy, LLC – Middleton, Wisconsin

   "One of the most difficult parts of owning and operating a business is surrounding myself with people I can trust. Having known Wes through my time in the Special Operations community, and seeing the success he has had with his own businesses, I hired him to help us with our social media presence and messaging. Needless to say, the money was well invested and paid for itself immediately through the connections I was able to make via LinkedIn and Facebook. All I had to do was answer the questions Wes asked of me in regards to my vision for the business and he took care of the rest. If you’re looking for someone experienced in business, internet marketing and/or social media strategy development, Kinetic Results Consulting Group is the place to go."

Michael Daignault, CD 
CEO, Magnus Training & Protection – Ottawa, Ontario

      "I had asked my network for a referral, someone who could help me with constructing a web profile and I was referred to Wes Kennedy and in no way am I overstating it when I say ‘he changed the world!’ Wes and I talked for almost one hour; in that hour he was able to have me articulate my big picture objectives and ground for me a path in reality to achieve them complete with a timeline and milestones that would make it possible for me to incorporate the value of my interests as well as experience from my very rich and unusual career path. If there is anyone I would recommend in this space – Wes knows his way around the world of social media and he has a passion for the reality of it as a business. Thanks Wes!!"

Sharon Szmolyan
President & CEO at Orchidacea Group of Companies – San Francisco, California